Learn English – Why I have only one purse

Having only one purse makes my life simpler!  I don’t like owning a lot of stuff!


Hey there! Most gals I know use several purses. I only have one and I’ll tell you why.

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Yes. I only use one purse. I was thinking about this the other day, because I was talking to my mother-in-law on the phone. She has kept every single purse she has ever had. That made me glad to have only one purse.

So, why do I only have and use one purse? I’ll tell you why. Number one, I am a minimalist. That means I don’t like to have much stuff. I have thrown away lots of clothes. I’ve given them away, if they were decent. And I have pared down, I have decreased, I have reduced the number of clothes that I have. I don’t like to spend much time with clothes.

So, it is much easier to use just one purse. I don’t have to think about changing out, swapping purses to…to match what I’m wearing. Some women do that.  I don’t. 

So, what kind of purse do I have? What do I use? I’ll show you. Number one – it’s brown and it’s a backpack purse. I like a backpack purse because it keeps my hands free.

I like this purse also because it’s small. Why would I want a small purse? Having a small purse, forces me to think about what will fit into the purse. I only put in just what I need and use every day, every week. 

Number one –  my wallet, of course. And in my wallet, I put the cards that I use most of the time, most frequently: driver’s license, credit cards, grocery store cards, that kind of thing. Also in my purse, I have another small card holder for those cards that I don’t use very often. That’s at the bottom of my purse.

Also in my purse is a mask because we’re still in COVID. I have pens and pencils. I have one lipstick. I have some cough drops in case I get a cough or someone near me gets a cough. I keep my husband’s car keys. He has two car keys for his truck. He keeps one and I keep an extra one just in case when I’m with him and something happens. I have the other car keys. 

What else do I keep in my purse? I keep some cards about this size for writing notes. And speaking of cards, I have little cards which we call business cards. My business card has my name, my email, my cell phone number, and a favorite Bible verse.

There are four other things I carry in my brown backpack purse. In case I’m stuck with no food, I have a packet of tuna fish with a spoon. If I have a headache or somebody near me has a headache, I have some Tylenol. I have a small packet of Kleenex for blowing the nose. And one more thing, I have a pair of headphones. For example, if I am at an appointment waiting and I want to listen to something on my phone, I can plug in the headphones and not bother anybody. 

Those are the items I have in my purse. It’s not too much. But it’s just right, just what I need for everyday. What about you? Or what about the, the gals you know, the women, you know? Do they have multiple purses? Tell me about it. And why, why do the women, the gals you know, enjoy having more than one purse?  I’d like to know. 

And remember if you would like the written words, the transcript of today’s episode, just go to my website, www.englishwithoutfear.com. And there you can find today’s transcript. It will be about one day after this video posts. Takes me a while. Well, that’s it for this episode. I’m Maria from English without Fear. Talk to you next time.

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