Learn English – Why I don’t like Halloween (and the holiday I love!)

Don’t shoot me!  I know most Americans LOVE Halloween.  I also explain my favorite celebration in the year, and it’s not Christmas!



I don’t like Halloween. It’s my least favorite holiday. And I’ll tell you why!

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That’s right, you heard me.  I don’t like Halloween, at all. And I am in the minority of Americans. Last year, 2019 pre-COVID, they did a poll of what people were planning to do to celebrate Halloween. About 69% of those polled said they would be doing one of the following: 

  • They would be decorating their homes
  • or buying pumpkins and carving them
  • wearing costumes
  • passing out candy
  • having Halloween parties
  • even dressing up their pets, their dogs and cats.

So, I know that I’m in the minority.

So, why don’t I like Halloween? Number one, the candy! I just spent $30 at the grocery store, buying three big bags of candy. And candy is terrible for you. It’s not healthy. It’s bad for your teeth, too.

So, the idea of kids I don’t know, ringing my doorbell, saying “trick or treat” and expecting me to give them candy….that doesn’t make sense to me. But, I will participate. And I’ll tell you why. 

What else don’t I like about Halloween? I think it’s a very dark holiday. I’m a Christian. And I do believe in spiritual forces of wickedness: Satan and his demons. Why would anybody want to celebrate that? People dress up in very scary, dark costumes, some. And the way some people decorate their yards outside their homes is really macabre.

‘Macabre’, what does that mean? Having to do with death in a dark and scary way.  You see tombstones and ghosts, uh, devils and witches and spiders and bats and cobwebs. I wouldn’t put that in my front yard. The only Halloween decoration I have are two pumpkins. But they’re kind of…. for fall anyway. So, it’s part of my fall/autumn decor, with those seasons changing.

What else don’t I like about Halloween? The time for giving out candy is during dinner, dinner hour. The time when Mike and I prepare dinner, enjoy it and talk. And the doorbell is going to be ringing nonstop from six to 8:00 PM, in the evening.  We live in a neighborhood with lots of kids. So, I know we will get lots of visits.

If I don’t like Halloween, why am I participating? Why are we going to be handing out, distributing, giving candy to the kids who ring the doorbell? I want to be neighborly. There are a lot of young parents with little kids, and this is a big deal for parents and little kids. The kids love dressing up. It’s exciting for them. 

So, for that reason alone, I will, we will participate for probably the first hour. After that we will turn out the lights, which is the signal for, ‘we are not participating’. We’ll turn out the outside lights and we’ll sit down at seven to eat our dinner. That’s my plan. 

Those are the reasons I don’t like Halloween. But I do have a favorite holiday. And it’s Easter. Easter, which celebrates the, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a beautiful holiday, one with hope and good news.

Here’s some other reasons I really like Easter. It’s not very commercial. Christmas is commercial with the expectation of gifts –  buying gifts, giving gifts, thinking about that, all those Christmas cards. Easter doesn’t have all those expectations. 

It’s really simple to decorate the house – fresh flowers. I love Easter, also, because here in the Northern hemisphere, it’s spring. So, the flowers are beautiful –  daffodils and tulips and hyacinths, lilacs…just, just lovely! 

I like music at Easter time, the music we sing in church.  The classical music as well, beautiful music – again, music of life and hope. And then there’s the food. It’s wonderful when we can share an Easter lunch with family or with friends. And I like all the foods – lamb or ham, uh, hot cross buns. It’s, it’s just a delightful holiday.

Well, what about you? Do you have a least favorite holiday and a most favorite holiday? Tell me, leave me a comment below this video. And if you would like the written words, the transcript for today’s episode, just go to my website, www.englishwithoutfear.com and there you can copy the transcript, print it out. Plus, there are transcripts to other episodes. Well, that’s it for this episode. I’m Maria from English without fear. Talk to you next time. 

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