Learn English – Why I bought a house with stairs

In this episode, Maria talks about why climbing stairs is good for humans!


Hey there. This is Maria from English without Fear. We just moved into a new house, a house that has 17 stairs. Today I’m going to tell you why we chose a house with so many stairs. So sit back, relax, listen, and just try to understand as much as you can

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Yes, I’ve been busy lately. Five weeks ago I started to pack up all the things I could in our rental house. We have lived here in Huntsville, Alabama for about a year. We rented a house first so we could look around and find out where we wanted to buy a house, a house that was near my husband’s office and near a church that we liked.

So two (five) weeks ago I started packing up and then we moved. And we’ve been in this new house for three weeks. But that’s a lot of work we had to do. And on top of moving things into a new house and setting things up and opening boxes, I had to go back and clean the rental house. I had to clean it really well in order to pass a move out inspection. That was a lot of work.

But I want to tell you today why we bought a large house with 17 stairs. When we moved here a year ago from Western North Carolina we wanted to downsize. When you downsize a house, that means you move into a smaller house. Mike and I are 62 years old and it’s just the two of us. Our kids are married with kids and they don’t live around here, so we thought a smaller house will be nice. And we gave away a lot of old furniture. 

Well, the small rental house was perfect for Mike and me. It was just the right amount of space. But then the grandkids came and we saw, we quickly realized, that a small house is not going to work. I’m glad we found that out before we purchased, before we bought a house.

So, knowing that we wanted our grandchildren to have room to play and to just be kids, we looked for a larger house, a house about the size we had in Western North Carolina. And we found one that was two stories, two floors with stairs, connecting, with stairs going from the first floor or ground floor up to the second floor.

Upstairs, we have two guest rooms and there’s a big open spacious room. They call it a bonus room. It’s a big room. Mike has his office up there. We have bookshelves with books. Right now the books are on the floor. And there is a couch. And there’s plenty of room for the grandkids to play and relax too. 

Upstairs is also a small recording studio. I’m recording in it right now. My husband records audio books and tech movies, transcripts for tech movies, and some radio, uh, pieces as well. So, that’s upstairs.

But why did we pick a two-story house? People our age, in their sixties and seventies, a lot of times they want to move into a house that is just all on one floor. But Mike and I said, “No,” we didn’t want a one-story house. We wanted a house with stairs because moving your body is good, especially as you get older.

You know, human beings are, are not made to be sitting all the time. We are made to be moving around. So with 17 stairs in the house, we can get a lot of movement. It’s good for us. I’m glad that we have to go upstairs and downstairs. When I clean on Wednesdays, I go upstairs and downstairs for sure, but other times during the week as well. 

Well, what about you? Do you live in an apartment or house with stairs? Do you have to climb up a lot of stairs to get to your house or apartment? Tell me about it. Leave me a comment below this video and remember if you would like the written transcript for today’s episode, just go to my website, www.englishwithoutfear.com and there you’ll see how to sign up with an email address to get my occasional newsletter and to access, to get all the written transcripts for these episodes.

Well, that’s it for this episode. I’m Maria from English without Fear. Talk to you next time.

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