Learn English – What style clothes do you like?

I don’t like fancy clothes.  I prefer comfort. That comes from being a ‘tomboy’ all my life. Today, we’re talking about clothing choices for gals.


I don’t like to shop for clothes, but I do know what style, what kind of clothes I like. Let’s talk fashion.

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What kind of clothes do you wear?  Today we’re talking about what gals, what women and girls, wear and why. Do you as a gal choose dresses, pants, jeans, skirts, workout clothes? And if so, where do you like to buy them? Do you buy them from catalogs or do you go to clothing shops? Well, there are several ways of dressing, several styles.

I am a tomboy at heart. What is a tomboy? A tomboy is a girl who prefers climbing trees to playing with dolls. When I was younger, I liked playing with the boys in my neighborhood much better than playing with the girls. It seemed like the boys had more fun. I didn’t ever have a doll. I liked sports and I liked, I enjoyed, the clothes that went with more active play. I thought boys were very fortunate because they got to wear what I call comfy clothes.

What is comfy? Comfy is short for ‘comfortable’. For example, if you’ve been dressed up all day long and you come home, you might want to put on your comfy clothes. That means the kind of clothes you just wear and hang around the house, comfy clothes. I like to wear comfy clothes all the time, not pajamas, but clothes that are comfortable. So, what’s my style? 

I wear mostly pants. I wear skirts and the skirts I like best are called skorts. A skort is a skirt that has shorts attached to it. So, it looks like a skirt, but it feels like you’re wearing shorts. And as a tomboy, I really like that. I like sweatshirts. I like sweaters, but nothing fancy. I like clothes that I can put in the washing machine that don’t take much time to clean.

I don’t like clothes that you have to take to the dry cleaners. Usually more expensive clothes are clothes that have to be dry cleaned. That takes time to go there. And it takes money. It’s very expensive. I like clothes that can be thrown into the washing machine.

I don’t have a lot of clothes. I don’t need a lot of clothes. What I do have a lot of are accessories. What are accessories? 

Accessories are little items that women and men use to dress up an outfit. My favorite accessories are earrings and scarves, scarves that add color to your neck and to your face. And they’re very useful. They’re very helpful for play clothes. I can wear simple play clothes and dress up an outfit with a scarf and look a little bit elegant but I’m still comfortable.

Talking about comfort, comfortable shoes are really important to me. I don’t like high heels. In the fall, my husband and I flew to visit some family. And I was standing in line at the airport behind this woman, very elegantly dressed, with high heel shoes on. I said to her, “Are you comfortable wearing those shoes?” And she said, “Oh yes, I was born in high heels!”

Now, what does she mean by that? She wasn’t literally born,  she didn’t come out as a baby wearing high heels. What she means when she said ‘I was born in high heels’ is that she has worn high heels all her life. She is comfortable in them. She is used to them, not me. They look like torture. 

I like sandals like Birkenstock. They’re very comfortable. And I like sneakers, running shoes, flat shoes with lots of padding.

The other accessory I like is getting my nails done. That makes me feel pretty. It adds a touch of being a girl, of being feminine, to my play clothes. 

How do I shop? I don’t like going to shops. I don’t want to take the time. I don’t want to have to look. I don’t like finding a good bargain, something that is what I like, but doesn’t cost as much. No, not me. I prefer shopping from a catalog. And I like catalogs of comfortable sporty clothes.

Well, what about you? What kind of gal are you when it comes to clothes? What’s your style? What do you prefer? Do you have a lot of clothes or do you mix and match fewer clothes? Tell me about it. Leave me a comment below this video.

And if you would like the transcript or written words to today’s episode, just go to my website, www.englishwithoutfear.com. Well, that’s it for this episode. I’m Maria from English without Fear. Talk to you next time.

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    1. Leah – Thank you!!!!! We all need encouragement. How are you doing, as you approach the end of the school year?

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