Learn English – What I did to a Momma Bird!

I am ashamed, but today I’m telling you about the Momma Bird who decided to build a nest in one of my plants.

Hey there. Do you like birds? My husband and I do. And today I’ve got a story to tell you about one particular Momma Bird.

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Mike and I have been watching birds for years. In fact, this house and the two houses before…… actually, three houses before this house……we have put up bird feeders. A bird feeder for regular birds and a special feeder for hummingbirds, they like sugar water.

You have to know something about me to appreciate, to enjoy this story. I am ‘tight with money’. What does that mean? Being tight with money means I am very careful about every dollar we spend. I keep a budget and have budget categories and subtract what I spend each month to see how much I have left in each category.

Right now, here in Alabama, it’s very hot. So, a few weeks ago, I went to the 

Garden Center to buy some hanging baskets of flowers. I had put out new baskets of flowers, probably the end of April. And by July, the end of July, they needed replacing. They were dried up. There was so much heat.

I bought petunia hanging baskets to replace them, one for the back patio and two for the front of the house. All was fine until one day I saw a Momma Bird starting to build a nest in the backyard hanging basket, the petunia basket.  I had just spent $13 for that basket. And I did not want a Momma Bird to build a nest.

Why didn’t I want a Momma Bird to build a nest? Because you can’t water the flowers. In other words, you sacrifice the..the hanging basket, the flowers, flowering basket for the Momma Bird. I had just spent $13 and I didn’t want to do that.

So, I took the basket down and threw out the nest and watered it and hung it back up.

The very next day that Momma Bird was back with more twigs, building nest number two. What did I do? You guessed it. I took the basket down, pulled out nest number two and threw it away. I thought that maybe Momma Bird would get the idea, would, would realize this is not a good place to build a nest. But I was wrong.

The next day there was Momma Bird back again, with a twig in her beak, building nest number three. What do you think I did? I’m ashamed. Yes, I’m such a tight wad with money. I want to save it and not waste that I took the plant down, pulled out the nest, threw away nest number three.

All of a sudden God, the Holy Spirit convicted me. All of a sudden the thought came: 

  • I bet that Momma Bird feels the eggs in her body. And she is desperate to build a nest so she can lay the eggs. And I, Maria, I keep throwing away her nests. She must be really perplexed, really at a loss for what is happening to all her hard work.

So I prayed:

  •  “Dear Father, please make this Momma Bird build another nest, nest number four!”

I told my husband what I had done. By grace, God answered my prayer and sure enough, the next morning there was Momma Bird building nest number four. And you know what? The very next day I took down the hanging basket to check. And there were three eggs. Whoa, just in time, just in the ‘nick of time’! That’s an expression we use, meaning just at the very last moment. Just at the last moment, Momma Bird was able to build NEST NUMBER FOUR and lay her eggs.

The petunia obviously has died, as I have stopped watering it because now I’m letting Momma Bird sit on those eggs and hatch her babies.

What really hurts me, what makes me ashamed is that I love birds yet. I was unwilling, I did not want to spend another $13 on another hanging plant. That’s called being ‘cheap’. That’s called being cheap. And my values were upside down, especially since I say, and it’s true,I love birds. But my actions did not match my words. I am so grateful that God, the Holy Spirit prompted me to realize what I had done.

I’m also thankful that this Momma Bird was so persistent. She persevered. What does persevere mean? What does being persistent mean? It means she did not give up, despite Maria throwing away her first three nests.

What about you, where you live? Do you have many birds? Do you feed your birds? Tell me about that. Leave me a comment below this video.

And remember if you would like the words, the written transcript to today’s episode, just go to my website www.englishwithoutfear.com and you can find the transcript to this episode and others as well. Well, I’m Maria from English without Fear. Talk to you next time. 

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