Learn English – Weekend plans – what will you do this weekend?

Talking about the upcoming weekend is always timely.  It allows your students to share something about themselves and to hear how we talk about the future. Stay tuned next week for the follow up video: What did you DO this past weekend?

43 – Weekend Plans, Part 1 (Future plans)   

Hey there, this is Maria from English without Fear. Everybody loves weekends, but what do they do? What will people do this coming weekend? Watch and listen to this video and find out what I will be doing this weekend as well as a couple of other people.

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What are you going to do this weekend? What will I do this weekend? Weekend plans are important. 

This coming weekend, Mike and I, we will be driving up north two hours in the car to a new place for us. It’s called Chattanooga. But we won’t be staying in the city of Chattanooga, we will be staying in a hotel in an area above the city called Lookout Mountain. Yes, mountains! If you have followed this video channel, you know that we love the mountains. So this next weekend we will be going, we will go, we will drive to Lookout Mountain.

And what will we do there? Well, I hope that we will hike because it says ‘mountains’! I hope that we will just relax. We want to get away for a weekend to change our thoughts, to change our mind. We will spend a lot of time outside if the weather is good. We will sleep two nights in a hotel. We will eat dinner out in a restaurant both Friday and Saturday night. And I don’t know what else we will do, but that’s what we plan to do. 

You might be thinking, “Maria, do you go away often for a weekend? Do you make plans to leave your town and travel?” 

No, normally, regularly, Mike and I stay home, probably like most people. Why don’t we travel every weekend? Well, for one thing that costs money. Yes, money. This weekend we will be paying for several things.

We will put our cats, Jason and Gizmo, in the ‘cat hotel’, the cat kennel. We will pay for two nights in a hotel. We will pay for gas to drive to Chattanooga. And we will pay for food to eat out in a restaurant Friday night and Saturday night. 

Will these weekend plans cost us anything else, besides money? Yes, we will be spending time away from the house. That means we will not be doing household chores.

What are chores? What are household chores? Chores are those activities, those little jobs, those tasks that people have to do to keep up where they live. You have to clean, you have to cook perhaps, grocery shop. Mike normally mows the lawn, works outside of the house. Those are chores that we do normally every weekend. But this weekend we will not do household chores because we will be away. We will be away from home.

Do people always make weekend plans? Well, that depends. I think a lot of people have regular routine, normal things they do every weekend. They just do them. They do not make plans for the regular household chores. But sometimes people will make plans if they want to go out to dinner. They will call up a restaurant. Sometimes people make plans when they will invite friends over for dinner. Sometimes people will make plans if they’re going to go and watch a sporting event, a game like football or baseball or golf, something like that. Sometimes people will make plans if they have to do some serious shopping like for furniture or for school clothes, that kind of thing. 

We normally don’t make plans for a normal weekend. We do our chores and then we go for a walk. But this next weekend will be different because we will be going away. 

I talked to a friend of mine, Sandy, and my granddaughter, Chloe, and I asked them, “What will you be doing this weekend?” So listen to what Sandy has to say about her plans and then listen to my 10-year-old granddaughter, Chloe, talk about what she will be doing at the beginning of the weekend. The beginning of the weekend for Chloe will be Friday afternoon, right after school.

Sandy:  “What am I going to do this weekend? I am going to clean house and walk my dog.”

Chloe: “What am I going to do this weekend? Well, this afternoon I’m going to go to a football game with my dad. I just really hope it won’t rain.”

And what about you? What will you be doing this weekend? What are your weekend plans? Will you be going away? Will you be doing something new and different? Leave me a comment (behind) below this video. 

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