Learn English – the weekend – “What did you this past weekend?”

Everyone loves time off!  So weekend talk is an easy and fun topic. A few weeks ago we did a video about the UPCOMING weekend. 

Today’s episode is the companion video to talk about the past.

Episode 46 – What did you do last weekend?  – 30 August 2019

Hey there. This is Maria from English without Fear.

What did you do last weekend? Do you remember? Today, we are going to talk about some activities that some friends of mine did last weekend as well as what I did last weekend. So, sit back, relax, listen and just try to understand as much as you can.

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Does last weekend seem like a long, long time ago? Do you remember what you did Friday night or Saturday or Sunday? Everybody likes the weekend. And on Mondays or Tuesdays people often talk about the weekend, what they did, who they saw, what they ate.

Let me tell you about my weekend last week. First of all, you need to know that I love Friday night! Yes, Friday night is special. Why do I love Friday night? Because it is the start, the beginning, of the weekend and I don’t have to rush. I don’t have to be mindful. I don’t have to think about the time. 

So, last Friday night I cooked dinner. Mike and I ate dinner slowly. After we cleaned up the kitchen, we both sat outside and I watched some YouTube videos in Spanish. You know that I am learning Spanish and watching YouTube videos in Spanish is one of my favorite ways to learn Spanish.

After that, we came inside and I sat a long time reading my book.

What about Saturday? What did I do Saturday? First of all, I slept longer. Saturday morning is great for sleeping in, for sleeping longer. We had what Mike and I call a slow Saturday. We did not go anywhere in the morning. I did some cooking. I made some almond bread for the week. I wrote a letter to my mother-in-law and packed up our lunches to take with us. 

At lunchtime Mike and I left the house and went to Starbucks where we ordered a coffee and sat outside because it was a pretty day. We ate our lunches that we had brought with us. We ate our lunches, drank our coffee and talked. Then we got back into the car and drove to a park where we went for a nice long walk and talked. Mike and I like to talk. We like talking together. 

The afternoon, I don’t remember. But the next day, Sunday, Sunday morning, we went to church like we do every week. We came home and ate lunch and read the Sunday paper. I like reading the Sunday paper. I like sitting at the table outside and not rushing. Just taking my time to read the paper from cover to cover. 

After that, I took a nap Sunday afternoon. Then I went out and met a new friend from church. We went for a walk and we talked. While I was gone, Mike mowed the lawn. Then it was Sunday night. We got back into our routine, went to bed at the normal time. That was our weekend.

I talked to my friend Deb and asked her, “Deb, what did you do this past weekend?” Listen to what she says: 

Deb: “What did I do this past weekend? We went to a farm and bought a cat.”

Me: “You bought a cat?

Deb: “Yes”

Me:  A grownup cat or a little kitten?”

Deb:  “It was a little kitten.”

Isn’t that interesting? She got a kitten from a farm.

Then I asked my granddaughter, Chloe, what did she do over the weekend?

“What did I do this weekend? This weekend I went to a football game with my dad. It was so much fun. Our team won. It was 16 to 14.”

So, Chloe went to a professional football game in Tampa with her dad. Her dad is our son.

That’s a picture of what we did and a friend of mine and Chloe –  what some of us did for the weekend. 

What about you? Was it a normal, routine, average weekend? Did you do something different? Tell me about one activity that you did this past weekend. And if you are a teacher of some English language learners and you would like the written transcript for today’s episode, go to my website, www.Englishwithoutfear.com where you can sign up for my newsletter and you can be sure, then, of getting a written transcript as well as notification for each video. Plus some ideas and activities of how you can use each video. 

This is Maria from English without Fear. Talk to you next time.

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