Learn English – the Adventure of a Hedgehog who was different

Everyone at times feels self-conscious about his or her looks or body.  This story taps into that feeling in a way that might just make a student (or you!) feel better about being different.

53 The Hedgehog who was different – 24 Oct 2019

Hey there. This is Maria from English without Fear. Do you ever wish that you were like someone else? Well, the hedgehog, the little animal in today’s story felt just that same sentiment until he had an adventure. So sit back, relax, listen, and just try to understand as much as you can.

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Once upon a time there was a little hedgehog named Kezako.  He lived in the woods with lots of other hedgehog families, but he was not an ordinary, normal hedgehog. No, Kezako was not ordinary. He was different. 

How was he different? What made him not ordinary? All the other little hedgehogs had pointy quills covering their bodies. Kezako did not have pointy quills. He had curly hair all over his body. He was different. He was extra-ordinary, extraordinary, but not normal.

What was the problem? Why was this a problem for Kezako? It was a problem because all the other little hedgehogs laughed at him. 

“Look at him! Look at Kezako with his curly hair. Do you need some hair curlers, Kezako?”

Poor Kezako!  He was ashamed. He was embarrassed. He did not like his curly hair. He wanted to be like the other hedgehogs who had pointy quills. But he had curly hair and no one in the hedgehog community in the woods, no one knew why. 

One day there was panic in the woods. Why was everybody panicked and running around screaming? There was panic in the woods because a bad man named Braco was walking through the woods, grabbing hedgehogs and putting them into this bag. Why was Braco this bad man grabbing hedgehogs and putting them into a bag? He wanted to eat them. He wanted to eat the hedgehogs for dinner.

Every hedgehog ran around looking for a place to hide. Braco kept walking, grabbing and putting hedgehogs in the woods (should be: ‘in the bag’).

Braco was a bad man who had no hair. He did not have hair. He was bald. Was Kezako bald? No, Kezako had curly hair. Braco, the bad man was bald, so he wore a wig to cover his bald head.

What happened as he was walking through the woods and he grabbed hedgehogs, he tripped. He stumbled and fell in the woods. And when he fell in the woods, his wig fell off. 

Braco had a problem with his eyes. He couldn’t see very well. So when he looked on the ground to find his wig, he saw Kezako and he thought Kezako with the curly hair was his wig. So Braco the bad man grabbed Kezako and put the little hedgehog on his head. 

Kezako immediately started to scratch and bite Braco’s head. He scratched and he bit his head so much that Braco yelled, dropped the bag with hedgehogs, knocked Kezako off his head. And ran as fast as he could out of the woods. 

A miracle!  It was wonderful. All the hedgehogs were saved. Nobody was eaten and Braco the bad man never, ever came back to the woods. He never forgot his head that something had scratched and bitten. 

And what about Kezako, the hedgehog with the curly hair? He was the hero in the whole entire hedgehog family (should be ‘community’). Kezako had saved the day. He had rescued the hedgehog community from Braco, the bad man. And ever since that time, way back when, parents and grandparents have told their little hedgehog children all about Kezako, the brave hedgehog with the curly hair. 

And even today, families hope that they have a baby hedgehog with curly hair. And if they do, if they have a baby with curly hair, they will name him Kezako.

Isn’t that a nice story? You know, have you ever felt different? Have you ever wanted to be like everybody else? Tell me about it. Leave me a comment below this video. 

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Well that’s it for this episode of English without Fear. Talk to you next time. 

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