Learn English – Jason the cat and the new kitten

Jason the cat does NOT like change.  Watch and find out what happens to Jason when a new kitten comes to live with him.

Jason Story # 4 – Jason does not like change

Hey there. This is Maria from English without Fear. Today I’m going to tell you another story about Jason, our cat and what happened when a new kitten arrived. So sit back, watch, listen, and just try to understand as much as you can 

Jason, our cat used to live with another cat, named Luther. When Luther was about eight years old, Jason was born. And Jason and Luther lived together for about five years. They used to sleep together and play together. They were really good friends. But one day Luther got sick and died. It was really hard for us, and for Jason. Jason missed his friend. He missed the other cat, Luther.

Jason does not like change. So it took Jason a few weeks to get used to being the only cat with Mike and Maria. But after a while he began to get comfortable and he would snuggle up with Maria.

But then one day Mike put Jason in the cat carrier and put the cat carrier in the car. And Jason, who doesn’t like the cat carrier and who doesn’t like the car, was stuck for about five or six hours while Mike and Maria drove to a new house. 

When Mike opened the door and took Jason in his cat carrier out and brought him into the new house, Jason sniffed around for a while. He did not like the new house. He did not like the change. He liked his old routine. Jason is a cat who doesn’t like change!

But finally he relaxed and got used to the new house. Jason got used to the new routine and Jason became a happy cat again.

But one day, Jason, who likes routine, who doesn’t like disruptions, who doesn’t like change, one day Mike and Maria brought a new kitten into the house. This was terrible! All of a sudden, out of the cat carrier burst this little kitten who had lots of energy and was very curious. He sniffed at Jason. Jason sniffed at him, but Jason wasn’t happy. Jason did not like this change. Jason did not like the new kitten.

So, what did Jason do? He, he became depressed. And he lost his voice. He couldn’t meow any more. This was due to the change. This was due to the stress of having a new kitten in his life. 

Poor Jason. He had three big changes. First, he lost Luther, his brother. And then he lost his house. And then he lost his quiet routine when a new kitten came. 

Well, that’s it for this episode of Jason the cat. You’ll have to wait until next time for me to tell you what happened. Did Jason adjust?  Did he become used to the new cat? I’ll tell you about that next time. This is Maria from English without Fear.

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