Learn English – a Jason story – the happy cat

In this story, Maria introduces Jason, the happy cat:


Story # 1 – Jason, the happy cat

This is Jason, our kitty. Jason is a very happy kitty.  If you were to ask Jason:

“Jason, why are you happy as a cat?”  I think Jason would answer:

“I am happy as a cat. I am a happy kitty because I live with Mike and Maria.
“Well, what is it about living with Mike and Maria that you like?  What makes you so happy?” I think that if Jason were to answer that question, he would say:

“I am a happy kitty with Mike and Maria, because they give me good food.”

Well, what kind of food do we give little Jason, our happy kitty?

Twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon, I feed Jason his dry cat food in his little pink bowl. He eats dry cat food in the morning when I get up and in late in the afternoon, right before I start cooking supper, before I start fixing or preparing dinner.  That’s when he eats his dry food.

But Jason also gets snacks, little tastes of our food which we call ‘licky-licky’.  It works like this: When I sit down to eat my lunch at home, Jason waits patiently. And when I finish eating my lunch, I put down my lunch plate on the floor.  And Jason runs to my lunch plate on the floor and licks the plate clean. We call that ‘licky-licky’ because he uses his tongue to lick the plate.

Then again in the evening, when Mike and I finish eating dinner, we put down our supper plates on the floor and Jason comes running to the plates, to lick the plates.  So he has ‘licky-licky’ a second time.  

So, I think I know why Jason likes living with us, Mike and Maria. It’s because we give him good food.  Jason is a very happy cat. 

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