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If you could eat dinner with anyone living today or someone from the past, whom would you choose and why? In this video, I talk about my choices and why I would want to chat with these people over a slow meal.


Hey there!  Let’s imagine that you could have dinner with anybody you want, someone dead or alive. Who would you choose and why?

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Do you ever catch yourself wishing or wondering if, if you could have dinner with somebody, somebody famous living today, or maybe somebody dead? Either somebody in your family or an historical figure who interests you? I have picked three such guests and because I think we speak more easily in a more relaxed manner when we’re sharing food, I’m imagining having dinner with these guests. 

So, who are my, who is, or who are my first dinner guests? I say guests because I’m picking two people to eat with at the same time – my grandmothers. My father’s mother, whom I never knew, and my mother’s mother whom I did know very well.

Let’s talk about my mother’s mother, my grandmother, my maternal grandmother. I lived with her all my life, but she was just there. She was just my grandmother. And there are so many things about her life that now I wish I had asked her about – how she grew up. Because she was born way back in 1885. And the woman who took care of her as a baby had been a slave for the family, but then had been freed in 1865. I, I have lots of questions for that grandmother.

My other grandmother, my paternal grandmother, the mom of my father, she died before I was born. In fact, she died when my dad was only 15. I would love to sit down with her, with both my grandmothers, but to find out all about her life and what it was like, because she had a difficult life. She grew up and was a mom, a married mom, in a very hard time. It was the depression in America. So, my first dinner guests – my two grandmothers. 

The next person with whom I’d like to dine and talk with, is a man named George Mueller. He lived in England and was born in Germany in 1805 and died in 1898. He’d been, uh, a rascal, a drunken liar when he was growing up and when he was a young man. But he became a Christian and then became a pastor and moved to England.

He is most famous for starting orphanages, homes for children who don’t have parents. He and his wife started with bringing in 30 children into their home. They had to feed the children, clothe the children, teach the children, give them a skill and they didn’t have enough money. But they never asked anyone for money, for donations. They just prayed to God, told him what they needed and people started finding out what the Muellers were doing. The Muellers did not ask for money, but people started sending money.

Eventually, George Mueller and his wife, and a couple other people built orphanages separate from their house. And over the course of his life, they took care of 2000 orphans, never asking for money, just praying to God, trusting God and money would come in just in the ‘nick of time’ to pay for milk, to pay for coal for the furnace. 

What does the ‘nick of time’ mean? It means just at the moment before it was lunchtime and they needed to feed the kids or just before all the heating fuel ran out. I would like to talk with George Mueller about his faith.

The third person is also an historical figure and she is Sarah from the Bible. The account of her life and her faith is found in the book of Genesis. And she lived a long time ago. Let me look at the dates. She lived, she was born in 1732 BC –  that’s before Jesus. And she died in 1605 BC. That’s a long time ago.

What I find fascinating about Sarah is that she and her husband, Abram, lived in a big city called Ur and they were prosperous. She lived in a house. She went shopping, I imagine. She had girlfriends. And when she was 70 years old, her husband had a dream from God. And God said, “Take your family and all your servants and flocks, your animals, and go to where I’m directing you.”

Nowhere in the book of Genesis does it say that she complained or that she asked questions, like: “So, who told you to go camping on a long camping trip? And where are we going? And when are we coming back?”

She does not ask those questions. She goes with her husband. And they walked. Well, maybe there was a camel or a donkey and she might’ve ridden part of the way. But this was a long journey. And they stopped only when God told Abraham: “This is where I want you to settle.” That is amazing. I find Sarah absolutely fascinating. So, I would like to sit down over food and talk with her.

So, the people I’m most interested in talking with are my two grandmothers, George Mueller from 19th-century England and Sarah from the 1900s, was it the 19 hundreds?  The 1700s BC. What about you? Who most interests you, somebody in your family, somebody living today, somebody famous in history? Tell me about that. Let, let me know at least one person you would like to talk with face to face.

And remember if you would like the transcript for today’s episode, just go to my website, www.englishwithoutfear.com and there you’ll find all the transcripts. Well, that’s it for this episode. I’m Maria, talk to you next time. 

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