Learn English – I turned a corner in my own language learning.

Today, I’m sharing some good news in my own adventure with Spanish!

Hey there. Something happened about two weeks ago in my journey with Spanish. I turned a corner.

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Yes, I am so excited. I finally turned a corner. What does that mean to turn a corner? Well, it can mean you’re walking on a street, along the street, and you actually physically walk around the corner of a building or of a block. But when we talk about making progress, when you turn the corner, it means things start getting better.

And that’s what happened to me. You know, if you have been following my channel, that I have been working on Spanish ever since June…..June 1st, 2018. So, that is 27, almost 28 months ago. I started with just listening and watching, listening to podcasts, watching videos….. one hour a day, and then I increased it to two hours a day. And now since January, it is three hours a day. And yes, I keep track of my minutes with Spanish in my calendar. So, as of two weeks ago, when I turned the corner, I had about one thousand, five hundred and fifty hours, 1,550 hours.

So, what happened? Well, most of my time learning Spanish is listening to podcasts, reading, watching an occasional video and some speaking, not a whole lot of speaking. I live in Alabama and I am not around Hispanics a whole lot. Once a week, I do an ‘intercambio’ (exchange) with my friend, Terri. She lives locally. She’s Mexican. So, I get 30 minutes of speaking with her. My Spanish Bible study just started back up again. So, this past Friday was the first time since COVID. That will help because I will be speaking. But that hasn’t happened, we haven’t met for six months. The other time, the other occasions when I get to speak is when I do audio whatsapp messages. I have a friend in Bogota. And then occasionally, once in a while, where I volunteer on Tuesday mornings at the local pregnancy resource center, occasionally there are Hispanic women who come in, who don’t speak any English. And I’ve been using my broken intermediate Spanish.

Well, what happened? Two weeks ago when I was volunteering two weeks ago, Tuesday the 15th, I think, all three of my appointments that morning were in Spanish, were with Hispanic women who didn’t speak any English. Each appointment is about 45 minutes to an hour long. And there’s a lot of talking, back and forth. It was hard and I felt inadequate. But, when I walked out to the car, after those three hours, it hit me. I realized I’ve just turned a corner. I didn’t even know I would feel that way. I wasn’t looking for that. Nobody ever told me: “Hey, there’s going to come a point when you’ll turn the corner.”

No, it was a total wonderful surprise. All of a sudden I felt more smooth….I don’t know if that’s it…. well more confident. But what I realized was I can speak in Spanish. I can help people. I can carry on a conversation. I can make myself understood. And that felt really good.

That was Tuesday, two weeks ago. And then on the Friday and the intercambio with my friend, Teri, she said: “You know, Maria, you’re speaking a lot more automatically without pausing to think.” And that was encouraging. So that week, two weeks ago, I got a boost in confidence from two sources for my appointments at the pregnancy resource center and with my friend Teri. 

And it continued last week, all three of my appointments were at the pregnancy resource center. The feeling the sense of I’ve I’m at a different level in my Spanish, um, that is overwhelming. And you know what? It makes me really, really happy.

Do I have a long way to go? You bet. I still still feel incompetent. I still feel that my Spanish is broken, but it’s different now. I know I can speak to people in Spanish enough to make myself understood enough to help them enough to answer their questions.

I forgot here’s something else. I’m now helping out the pregnancy resource center by calling up women who call in and want to make an appointment, but they don’t speak any English. They now, the center now, texts me and they say, will you call this number? I think they want to make an appointment. So, now I’m speaking on the phone, which is always scarier than face to face. And I’m doing that more and more. 

So, dear friends, I know you’re learning English. There will come a time. I now see, I’ve now experienced it in my own journey with Spanish. There’ll come a time when you turn the corner, when you feel as though you are at a different level and that will encourage you. So, be patient, I believe it happens at a different time for each person. We are all very different. Well, what about you? Have you turned a corner? What gives you confidence in your journey with English? Tell me about it. Leave me a comment below this video. And if you would like the written words, the transcript for today’s video, just go to my website, www.englishwithoutfear.com. And there you can find the transcript of today’s episode and to many others. Well, that’s it for this episode, I’m Maria from English without fear.  

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