Learn English – I moved: what I like and what I miss

In this episode Maria talks about what she likes in her new city and what she misses from the former town

Episode 35 – What I like and what I miss – after 6 weeks

Hey there. This is Maria from English without Fear. Today I’m going to tell you what I like about our new town, Huntsville, and what I miss about our old town. So sit back, relax, listen, watch and just try to understand as much as you can.

About six weeks ago, at the end of March 2019,  Mike and I left our home in a small, small town called Waynesville and moved down south and then west to a larger town, a little city called Huntsville. We moved with our cat, Jason, because Mike took another job. 

So what do I like about Huntsville? What do I like about my new town, my new city?  And what do I miss about the old place? First of all, what I like about Huntsville, our new home, the new city, is that the weather is lovely. Yes, the weather is very nice. Spring is fully out. And what that means is that the trees have their leaves fully out. The flowers are blooming; the bushes are blooming. It’s a beautiful time of year. Huntsville is lovely. Huntsville is attractive and pretty. 

The second thing I like a lot about Huntsville is that the people are super nice. The people are friendly. People introduce themselves. They come up to us and ask about us. And when I ask them, “Do you like Huntsville?” everybody says, “Yes, I love Huntsville!” That makes me feel very good.

The third thing I really like about my new town, this small city, is that we have many conveniences. A convenience is a circumstance or situation that makes life easier. For example, the mailman delivers mail to our door. In our old town, Mike had to go to the post office to get mail. Another convenience here in Huntsville is that the garbage men come every Wednesday and pick up our trash. In our old town Waynesville Mike had to drive the trash, the garbage, to the dump and take it there. He did that every week on Mondays.  The other convenience is that stores are very close. I don’t have to drive far to go to a store. I like that convenience. 

The fourth thing I really like about Huntsville, about our new small city, is that we have found a church near our house and we have gone there to worship four Sundays in a row. We like the pastor.  He preaches and teaches well. And everybody is friendly. So we thank God for this church. 

And finally, the fifth thing I like about Huntsville, our new town, the little city, is that it is easy to drive around. It is easy to find places. It is not too big. So that helps me a lot. 

Well, what do I miss about our old town about Waynesville? Well, to be honest, I really only miss one thing. I miss the mountains. Where we lived was gorgeous. Our house was right in the Smoky Mountains, which are hills, beautiful hills. And Mike and I used to hike a lot. I miss the birds there. I miss the flowers there. I miss the views, the scenic views of the mountains. But I am very glad that we moved here to Huntsville, Alabama. It’s fun getting to know a new place and it’s fun getting to know new people. 

Well. What about you? Do you like where you live? And how long have you lived there? What do you like about where you live? Tell me, write me a comment below this video. Well, that’s it for this episode of English without Fear. I’m Maria. Talk to you next time.


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