Learn English – How we spent a Covid Christmas

Christmas almost felt normal! What was different this year? Not too much. In this episode I talk about our trip to visit one of our sons.

Hey there. Christmas, 2020 almost felt normal for us, even during these COVID times. What about you? 

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Yes, we are blessed. We are fortunate or lucky to live in Alabama where COVID rules, COVID restrictions are not too strict. And this Christmas, 2020 –  a COVID Christmas, we traveled by car to North Carolina, another state where COVID rules, COVID restrictions are not too bad. They’re not too strict. So, what was it like?

We left on a Monday, took our cats, we have two cats, took them to what we call the “cat hotel”. It’s not a hotel. It’s the place where you can bring animals to stay safely while you are away. It’s a kennel. It’s a place to board or keep animals. The cats don’t like it at all. They get sad, but we could not take the cats with us.

We left them at the cat hotel and drove a few hours into Tennessee, which is north of Alabama and we stopped for lunch at a big gas station. I had prepared, I had packed our lunches with us and brought them with us because Mike and I like to eat healthy food. But we always stop and buy coffee at one of these big gas stations. 

We put on our masks, went inside, carrying our lunches, bought coffee, but all the tables were blocked, were covered. We could not sit down and eat our lunch and drink our coffee, inside. 

So, we went back out, sat in our car, parked and ate our lunch, drank our coffee, and watched people go in. Half of the people who went in were not wearing masks. Even though there was a sign that said, “Wear your mask, masks required!”

We drove some more and stopped for the night in Asheville, North Carolina, where we stayed in a hotel. We put on our masks, went inside, got our key to a room and went upstairs. They had a fitness center, a gym, inside the hotel that we were able to use. We were very glad. At night, we got into the car and drove to a restaurant, put on our masks, went inside and sat down at a table. While we ate our dinners and drank, we could take off our masks. But the waiters all wore masks. It felt almost normal. 

The next day we drove and arrived at our son’s house at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, a (‘an’ is correct) army post, an army place where he lives. We spent four days and nights, celebrated Christmas with them and our grandchildren. 

And one day we took a little trip an hour away and walked in a beautiful park. Lots of people were out. Nobody wore masks. And we went into the town, put on masks to go into an ice cream shop to buy ice cream. 

When we walked out of the ice cream shop, there were tables outside and it was not too cold. So, the kids and our son and his family could sit and eat ice cream outside. And that felt normal.

We traveled home, did the same thing, stopped at the same hotel and came home, picked up the cats and settled back into our routine. We are so thankful that we could spend Christmas a COVID Christmas with our family, and we felt almost normal.

But, I know that for many of you where you live the rules, the restrictions are much more strict. They are much more severe and harsh and you might not have spent Christmas with family. So, tell me about it. What are the restrictions like where you live and what did you do for Christmas? 

Well, we all hope and pray that we get vaccinated real soon so that we can get over, so we can get past this pandemic. Happy New Year! And may you continue to improve your English.

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