Learn English – how to make Macaroni and Cheese – an American kid favorite!

American kid love carbs and fast food.  When our grandson was with us last week, he picked out a box of ‘mac n cheese’ to make for lunch one day.  In this video I explain the steps to this simple classic kids’ lunch.

T 39  Mac n Cheese – How to make American kids favorite meal!

Hey there. This is Maria from English without Fear. Last week our grandson Noah was with us for the entire week. Noah is eight years old and the first thing we did when he arrived here was to go to the grocery store to pick out his favorite foods. So today I’m going to tell you about a typical American kid or child lunch. So sit back, relax, listen, and just try to understand as much as you can

Yes, Noah and I went to the grocery store. I let him choose or pick out some of his favorite foods. And for one day’s lunch he decided he wanted a box of ‘macaroni and cheese’. ‘Macaroni and cheese’ is a very typical lunch that American kids really like. So as we prepared it, as we made it together, I took pictures of each step. So here we go. 

Step one. We got out a medium saucepan and filled it up with six cups of water, cold water from the sink. And we put it on the stove top and turned the burner, the heat under the pot, to high, medium – high to high. It takes a while for the water to boil, to heat up, maybe eight to 10 minutes. So during this time, while we waited for the water to heat up to boil, we got out some butter, two tablespoons and we got out some milk, I think it was three tablespoons.

Noah stirred, no, he DIDN’T stir the pot yet. We were waiting for the water to boil. Once the water boiled, we opened the box, pulled out a packet and what was in the box after the packet was taken out was dry pasta, dry spaghetti. So then we poured in the dry pasta, the dry spaghetti into the boiling water, the hot water, and Noah stirred the pasta several times. We let it cook at medium high. So we turned the temperature down just a bit from high, super hot to medium high. Noah stirred a couple times. And the directions on the box, the steps for how to fix or prepare macaroni and cheese, they said that it would take about eight minutes for the pasta to cook. At one point I pulled out a couple pieces and I gave them to Noah and I said, “Noah, taste, put the pasta in your mouth, taste the pasta, do you think it’s done?”

And he said, “No, Mimi, (Mimi is my name, my grandmother name) no Mimi, not quite.” So we cooked it some more. Then we got out something called a colander. A colander is like a bowl, but it has holes in it. And I put the colander in the sink and I, not Noah, very carefully lifted the pot of hot water with the pasta, took it over to the sink and poured out the water and the pasta so that the water went through the holes. But the colander, the bowl with the holes, kept the pasta. We let it sit in the sink and put the pot, the empty pot, back on the stove and added the butter, the two tablespoons of butter and added three tablespoons of milk. Or, I actually used heavy cream, which is richer, and I had it in the fridge. We stirred that until it melted –  the butter and milk, and heated it up on low.

Turn the temperature to low, not high, not medium high. Then we tore open the packet that had been in the box and poured out this white powder. It was the dry cheese powder and then Noah stirred it around. He stirred the pasta, the butter, the milk of cream, and the cheese powder until it was all smooth and creamy. And that was it. The mac and cheese, the macaroni and cheese, was done. 

Well, is that what Noah ate for lunch? Yes. He ate the entire pot, the whole pot. I served him some at first and then he said, “Mimi, can I have some more mac and cheese please?” And I said, “Of course, Noah, finish it up!”

Is that all Noah had for lunch? No, I had cut up some apple pieces, some fruit, and I had poured him a glass of milk. So that was Noah’s lunch.

That is a favorite lunch for American kids. Noah’s daddy, my son, Wes, he used to love that.  Noah’s uncle, my other son, Graham, he used to love that. Mac and cheese is a traditional American favorite among kids.

So what about where you live, where you come from? What do kids like to eat that is traditional for your country and for kids? Tell me about it. Leave me a comment below the video.




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