Learn English – How to make a long drive in the car PLEASANT

Last week I drove 500 miles in one day.  It was a long time to sit in the car.  What did I do to make the trip easier, more pleasant?

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Hey there. This is Maria from English without Fear. Today I’m going to tell you how to drive in a car here in America when you have to drive a long time for many miles. I’m going to tell you how to make the experience more pleasant for your mind and for your body. So sit back, relax, listen, and just try to understand as much as you can. 

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Yes,I spent a long time in the car last week. I was in my car for 12 hours last Sunday. Why was I in the car for such a long time? Why did I spend such a long time in the car? Well, I had been visiting my family in Florida, near the city of Tampa. And Tampa is about 500 miles away from my house here in Alabama. 

When I drove down to Tampa, I drove in two days. I did not spend a long time on day one. I did not spend a long time in the car on day two going down to Florida. But coming back, coming back to Alabama where I live with my husband, I spent a long time in the car because I drove back in one day. Well, how did I make it pleasant for my mind and my body? Because 12 hours in a car is a long time to spend in the car, sitting down. 

This is what I did and I think I will do this next time when I have to spend many hours sitting in a car. The day that I left my son’s house, the house where my family lives, I got up, about five in the morning, and I did some stretching and packed and made some coffee, filled my water bottle and took my lunch with me. I left my son’s house at 6:00 AM, at six in the morning.

And what I did throughout the day during this long day spent sitting and driving in the car, I stopped my car about every hour and a quarter. I stopped about every 75 minutes to get out, stretch, walk and buy gas, buy coffee, go to the bathroom, fill my water bottle and eat my lunch.

So, where did I stop to do all these activities? Where did I stop every 75 minutes or so? Well, I stopped at a nice gas station where I filled my tank. I gassed up and went to the bathroom and bought coffee and walked for about five minutes all around the parking lot.

I also stopped at a ‘bad’ gas station in the country and filled up my gas tank, got gas. But the bathroom was broken. Oh, no! Yes! Oh, no! I had to go because I was drinking all this water. So I drove 10 minutes more and found a McDonald’s where I went in and used their toilet and filled up my water bottle.

Where else did I stop while I was spending 12 hours driving my car?  I stopped at a very nice state rest area. In America, each of the 50 states maintains, has what they call rest areas with trees and grass and picnic tables and bathrooms and water fountains. So I stopped there and walked and stretched and used their bathroom and filled my water bottle. 

I also stopped one time at a restaurant named CRACKER BARREL. I did not buy any food, but I used their bathroom, filled my water bottle and walked around the parking lot for five minutes and stretched and then got back in the car.

Where else did I stop while I was sitting in the car for 12 hours? I stopped around lunch time at a very nice gas station that has a big store. It was called LOVE’S and I gassed up. I took my lunch and went inside and bought a coffee and ate my lunch standing up. I did not want to sit down and eat because I had been sitting all day long. So I stood up, ate my lunch, drank my coffee, and then I went to the bathroom and filled my water bottle. Did I stop anywhere else? I don’t think so. Probably six times during my 12 hours in the car, I stopped, for one reason or another, but I always walked and stretched to give my body some rest.

Well, what about my mind? How did I make the trip in the car more pleasant for my mind? This is what I did. I listened to podcasts. Now, podcasts are talks that I download to my phone and listen in the car through speakers. Podcasts are wonderful. What kind of podcasts did I listen to? I listened to two sermons by Christian pastors. I listened to two or three Spanish podcasts because I’m learning Spanish. I listened to two interviews with ladies about how to eat a certain way, how to eat healthy and how eating healthy is good, is good for the body. 

Okay. I also listened to a podcast about how people learn a second language like you, learning English, and like me, learning Spanish. Is that all I did for my mind? Listen to podcasts? No, I did two more things to make the trip pleasant to help my mind.

I talked a long time on my phone with one of my good friends. That was interesting and helped the time pass more quickly. Finally I turned off the radio, the podcasts. I did not talk on the phone. I just sat and drove quietly, not listening to anything, not talking, just being quiet and thinking. And by the time I had spent 12 hours in the car, (thanks be to God!),I arrived home safely and feeling pretty good in my mind and my body. 

Well, that’s how I made a long drive in the car for about 500 miles a  pleasant experience. Well, what about you? Do you like spending time in the car?  When you spend time in the car, are you the driver or are you a passenger? And what do you do to make the time in the car more pleasant? Tell me about it. Leave me a comment below this video. Well, that’s it for this time. This is Maria from English without Fear. See you next time. 

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