Learn English – Do you wear socks with sandals?

Not everyone thinks it’s okay to wear socks with sandals.  I’m the kind of person who doesn’t care what people think about how I dress.  So, this trend has long been normal for me!  But now it has become ‘fashionable’!

Hey there today. I want to talk about something very controversial –  wearing socks with sandals. What do you think?

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Yes, wearing socks with sandals is very controversial in the fashion world. What, what does controversial mean, if there is a controversy? That means there are two sides. Contra is ‘against’ and ‘verse’ is a side: controversy. So something that is controversial means that people have very different opposing opinions.

And when it comes to wearing socks with sandals, most people hate this. They think it’s terrible. They think it’s a faux pas, a fashion faux pas. Do you know what a ‘faux pas’ means? It’s actually French for ‘false step’. ‘Faux’ means ‘false’ and ‘pas’ is ‘step’ . And a faux pas is like a social mistake, a social blunder. So, according to some people, when you combine socks and sandals, that is a definite fashion ‘no-no’, a fashion faux pas.

But you know, wearing socks with sandals is also a social phenomenon. It’s nothing new. In fact, when I looked up in Wikipedia:socks and sandals’, the report stated that archeological digs in England have shown that Roman soldiers, way back 2000 years ago, were wearing socks with sandals. Imagine that, nothing new!

England is pretty cold, pretty chilly as well. The weather in the Pacific Northwest of America is also chilly and rainy at times. Wearing socks with sandals has been a thing in the Pacific Northwest since 2007, 2008. You know, people out there set their own fashion trends. I know, my mother-in-law lives in Seattle. No, she doesn’t wear socks with sandals. She’s 91 years old. I don’t think she would ever think about wearing socks with sandals. I don’t even know if she knows that people wear socks with sandals.

There is an insurance company called PEMCO out in the Seattle area, the Pacific Northwest of America. And apparently in 2007, 2008, they did a 30-second commercial. They created a, a character, ‘the socks and sandals guy’. And, it’s very cute. 

Today in this video, I will put the link to that 30-second commercial on YouTube. So, you can go to it after you watch this and check it out. I think you’ll enjoy it. And you’ll be able to understand the language, the English. 

What else about socks and sandals? Apparently Germans have been doing this for years and according to Wikipedia, lots of older people, not my mother-in-law, lots of older people wear socks and sandals. 

Oh, what about me? Do I wear socks and sandals? Of course!  Yes, I do. I wear socks with my Birkenstock sandals. You know what Birkenstock are? They’re German sandals, uh, that have a foot bed.

They call it a ‘Fussbett’ in German. It contours to the arches or lack of arches in your feet. They’re, they’re good to walk with or stand for a long time. They’re comfortable.

And I like wearing socks with them because I feel that my toes are more protected. They feel safer. And when the weather is cooler, then it provides warmth to wear socks with my Birkenstock sandals. Even my husband occasionally wears socks with his Birkenstock sandals, but not out in public. He wears them in the house, in the evening. When it’s cold, I don’t mind wearing socks and sandals out in public. 

There are some trendy women now who are wearing socks and sandals. Take a look at some of these pictures. I think they’re very cute. So, they range from cute to actually fancy, with a fancy dress. What do you think? 

Well, if you’re not convinced yet, I am going to tell you something that I think will change your mind.

Do you know who David Beckham is? The British soccer player, footballer. He used to be with Manchester United. He’s married to a ‘fashionista’, a fashion designer, named Victoria. And about two weeks ago, he and their three children went with Victoria to support her fall fashion launch. And to this fall fashion launch of his wife, he wore, …..what do you bet? He wore socks and sandals. Check it out. 

Well, tell me what about you? Do you wear socks and sandals? If so, how long have you been wearing socks with sandals? And if not, what’s with you?!! Get with it! You need to be fashionable.

Okay, well that’s it for this episode. It was fun. I enjoyed doing this because I like socks and sandals. Well, this is Maria from English without Fear. Talk to you next time.

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