Learn English – Do you like your hair?

This video should spark some discussion! Who doesn’t wish their hair were different? The young man whose story is told will also inspire your students, I believe.  He has a good heart.

The written transcript is below the video

Episode 44 – Army soldier gives his hair away – 23 Aug 2019

Hey there. This is Maria from English without Fear. Do you like your own hair or do you wish it were different? Today, I’m going to tell you a story about a young man who had beautiful, long, black hair and what he did with it. So sit back, relax, listen, and just try to understand as much as you can. 

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Reynaldo is a young man who used to have long, beautiful, black hair. Well, how did he keep his hair since it was long? How did he manage or take care of his hair? He used to keep it in a braid. He would braid his long hair. 

What is a braid? What is braiding? Braiding hair is a way of weaving or crossing one part of a bunch of hair over another, a way of weaving hair and keeping it together so it doesn’t get into your face. 

Growing long hair takes many months and even years. How long did it take Reynaldo to grow his hair that long? Well, it took him fifteen years. That’s right –  15 years. Reynaldo grew his hair and never, never cut it. But, recently he did cut his long hair. Why is that? Why did Reynaldo cut his long, beautiful, black hair?

Reynaldo made the decision, he decided to cut his long, beautiful, black hair because he joined the army. Yes, he enlisted into the United States Army. Soldiers in the army cannot have long hair because long hair gets in the way of training and fighting. 

Well, what did Reynaldo do with his long, beautiful, black hair once it was cut? This is amazing. This young man decided to take his long, beautiful, cut, black hair and give it away, donate it to a group of people, an organization that makes wigs out of real human hair. 

What does this organization do with the wigs? This organization is called Locks of Love and locks is just a word that means hair. So ‘Hair of Love’, Locks of Love. And what this organization, this group of people, what they do is they take the donated hair, they make a wig, and they give it to children who have lost all their hair because of cancer treatments.

That’s right. Sometimes when a person has cancer and gets the treatment, their hair falls out and they are bald. They don’t have any hair and they feel embarrassed. So, this organization, Locks of Love, gives them wigs of real hair that matches their face and then they feel better.

I am really impressed with Reynaldo. What a good and kind young man! First, he decided, he made the decision to join the US Army to help his country.  And then he decided to give away, to donate, his long hair to a good organization to help children. That is a good young man. 

Well, what about you? Have you ever given away your hair? Not me. I’ve thrown away my hair, but I’ve never given away my hair. If you have, then leave me a comment below. Tell me about it. 

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Well, that’s it for this episode. This is Maria from English without Fear.

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