Learn English – Are Americans Patriotic?

Americans often display their flags. Why is that?  In this video, Maria talks about patriotism and what that is. Through the lens of a visit to the US Military Academy at West Point, she points out evidence of how many people feel pride in their country.

50 – American Patriotism – 25 Sep 2019

Hey, there! This is Maria from English without Fear.

Are you proud of your country? Do you feel good about your country? What about Americans? Do Americans feel good? Do Americans like their country? Are Americans patriotic?

Well, to find out about patriotism and what that means here in America, listen, watch and just try to understand as much as you can.

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A lot of Americans are patriotic. What does patriotic mean? When you feel patriotic about your country, that means you feel good about your country. You like your country. Not everything, but a lot of things. And when a person, when somebody says something mean or false, something that is not true about your country, then if you are patriotic, you speak up, you defend your country.

One way to see, to know, if people are patriotic is when they show, when they display their flag. Americans like their flag.

Last weekend, my husband and I traveled to a place where there are lots of flags. Where did we go? We went to West Point, New York. West Point is a spot on the Hudson River, north of New York City. And that is where the United States Military Academy is located, the army’s place to train officers for the military.

Why did Mike and I travel to West Point, New York? We traveled for three days for a weekend because 391 men from Mike’s West Point class got together for a reunion. These men graduated, they went through training forty (40) years ago, together.

What kind of training do young men and women receive at West Point? It is very difficult to be selected and many young men and women who are seventeen, eighteen (17, 18) years-old want to go, want to be cadets at the United States Military Academy. But only 1000 or so are chosen every year.

These cadets receive academic training, they go to university classes. And they get four years of military training. When they finish, when they graduate, they have a university diploma and they are officers in the United States Army where they serve, where they work.

What did Mike and I and these other men with families do for three days when we were all at West Point?

On the Friday morning, there was a church service in the West Point Chapel honoring the men of this class, my husband’s classmates, who have already died. Then on the Saturday, which was the most important day, there was a parade, a military parade in the central area of West Point.

(music & video playing) 

Cadets marched, military bands played, some Buffalo Soldiers were honored. Who or what are Buffalo Soldiers? Buffalo soldiers were the first African-Americans to serve, to fight in the United States Army. And they were known for riding horses.

What else went on during the parade? My husband and all his classmates got to march on.

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The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, was there. Mike Pompeo is also a West Point graduate. That’s an interesting!

There were parachutists who landed right in front of our eyes on the field.

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It was really exciting. I felt so good about my country. I felt proud to be an American. I felt a lot of patriotism for America.

It was a beautiful weekend with beautiful weather sun. It was warm. It was perfect.

After the parade there were what is called tailgate parties. Yes, many people come onto West Point to watch the football games on Saturdays and they have a picnic before. That is called a tailgate picnic.

The game, the American football game, was wonderful. Lots and lots of people were there. It was loud. There was music. There were souvenirs you could buy and lots of food. There were more parachutists, people sang the national Anthem.

(music & video playing)

We watched football, of course. And it was a good thing that Army, the West Point football team, won! They beat the other college that had traveled from Baltimore, Maryland.

What else did we do over the weekend with Mike’s classmates? Well, we ate a lot of food together. We talked a lot. A small group got together to pray. We relaxed, we shared stories. It was wonderful. It was really good for my husband and for me to be back at West Point. 

And I am proud to be an American. Of course, there are many things I don’t like about my country. We have problems, just like every other country.

But what about you? Are you proud of your country? Do you feel patriotic toward your country? Tell me, leave me a comment below this video.

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