Learn English – another story about Jason, the Cat who likes quiet

Jason, the quiet cat, has his quiet routine disturbed when 3 noisy children come to visit for the weekend.

Episode 3 – Jason’s house is disturbed

Hey there. This is Maria from English without Fear. Today, I’m going to tell you what happened to Jason, our cat, when three loud, noisy children came for the weekend. So sit back, listen, watch and just try to understand as much as you can. 

Jason is used to a quiet routine. He lives in a quiet house. He lives in a quiet house with Mike and Maria. During the week. Mike goes to the office and Maria either works from home, quietly, or is out of the house doing errands or going to meetings or having coffee with a friend. 

When Mike and Maria come home, they are quiet. So Jason knows the routine. Mike and Maria have a routine and Jason has a routine. Jason has a quiet family and a quiet house. 

But one day last week, three noisy children came to visit Mike and Maria, their grandchildren. And all of a sudden Jason had his quiet house disturbed. His routine was disturbed.  His life was disturbed. 

Well, what happened when the three noisy children and their mom and dad walked into the house, the children screamed, “Where is Jason? We want to see Jason.” 

Did Jason like the noise? No. Jason did not like the noise. In fact, he hid. He hid himself. As soon as he heard the three noisy children enter the house. Did Jason hide under the bed or in the bed covers? No. Jason did not hide in the bed or under the bed. Well, did Jason hide in the garage? No, Jason did not hide in the garage. 

Well, where did Jason hide? Where did Jason go when his quiet routine was disturbed? Jason hid himself up in the sofa, between the sofa lining and the bottom of the sofa. 

It’s a funny place, but it’s a safe place for a cat. When the noisy children said, “Where is Jason hiding?” we told them to look under the sofa. So, the noisy children got down on the floor and looked under the sofa, but they could not see Jason. He was hidden in a very good place. Jason, the quiet cat who liked a quiet routine was well hidden.

So, did Jason stay hiding in the sofa the whole weekend, the entire three days? No, Jason likes his food. So he came out of the sofa bottom two times each day to eat his food. And he ate very, very fast and then he would run and hide from the noisy children.

I do think that at night when the house got quiet, Jason came out from his hiding place. But we did not see much of Jason. The children did not much of Jason. And on Monday morning when the children, our grandchildren, and their parents left to go home, peace descended on our house. And Jason, the cat who likes quiet routine, came out from the sofa and relaxed. 

The routine was restored. Jason was a very happy cat. So that’s it for this episode of Jason our cat. Do you like quiet? Do you have a routine at home? Do you have animals who like quiet or do you live in a noisy house with noisy children and noisy animals? 

Tell me, write me a comment below this video. Talk to you next time. Thanks for watching. 


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