Learn English – All about breakfast in America

Americans love their food in the morning.  Watch and find out just what we eat at home and in restaurants.  Breakfast is an American tradition.


Episode # 36 – American Breakfasts at Restaurants

Today I’m going to talk to you about what we Americans eat for breakfast. Breakfast is the food people eat first thing in the morning, the first meal of the day and what Americans eat is pretty strange. So sit back, listen, watch and just try to understand as much as you can. 

What Americans eat in the morning, the meal we call breakfast, is strange, I think, compared to lots of other people and other countries. Americans eat a little bit, perhaps. in a hurry if they go to work or go to school. There’s not much time in the morning. 

So when Americans eat at home before work or before school, they grab something quick, perhaps cold cereal or toast, which is sliced bread, put into a toaster and then spread with butter and jam. So something like that or maybe a piece of fruit. 

Some people stop by a fast-food breakfast place like Starbucks or a gas station, something like that, and they might grab something to take with them to work. Other people don’t eat anything in the morning, Mike and I used to eat breakfast, but now we just eat two meals a day in the middle of the day, lunch and at night what we call dinner. But back to what most Americans do.

When Americans sit down for a big breakfast, for example, on the weekends, Saturday or Sunday when they have time or on a holiday, then there is a lot to choose from, a lot of choices. For example, Americans might eat eggs cooked in different ways, some kind of meat, like bacon from pigs or sausage or ham. 

Um, they might have cold cereal. And in America there are lots and lots of cold cereal choices, at least 100 I’m thinking. But there is also hot cereal like oatmeal or grits or cream of wheat. 

And if Americans want something sweet at a big breakfast, there are donuts. There are things like pancakes with butter and syrup, French toast with butter and syrup, waffles with butter and syrup, things like that. There are also lots of what we call breakfast pastries. You would probably just call it dessert or cake. So yes, we eat a type of cake for breakfast. We also eat muffins, which are little cakes.

Americans like breakfast and if they don’t eat at home, then there are restaurants where you can go out to eat for breakfast. And some restaurants are so popular with breakfast food that they serve breakfast food all day long and all night long. For example, there is one restaurant that I would say is typically American, that you can find all over the United States and it is called “ IHOP”: I…. H…. O…. P…..  And I… H… O… P… stands for International House of Pancakes. When I was a little girl and a teenager, my family used to go to, IHOP. We would get eggs plus pancakes plus bacon – a lot of food! And when we would eat that big of a breakfast at a place like IHOP, a breakfast restaurant, that would hold us. That would fill us up for the whole day, for the entire day and we would not eat another meal until dinner in the evening.

IHOP is an interesting place. A lot of teenagers and young people go there at night after a school event. For example, when our sons, Graham and Wes, were in high school, if there was a school play or a school concert, some kind of big school event at night, afterwards, around 10:00 PM at night, the teenagers would go to IHOP and eat pancakes or eat French fries. You could get French fries and pancakes. 

Americans are very strange. Well, what do we drink when we eat breakfast or first thing in the morning? Americans like to drink hot coffee, hot tea, cold drinks like fruit juice, like apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, and even milk. Most kids children will drink milk. Oh, and I forgot, children in the winter also like hot chocolate, but who doesn’t? Hot chocolate is very good. So that’s what we eat, among other things.

I did not tell you every single breakfast food that we eat. For example, bagels are really big. You’ll have to look that up, bagels. Well, what about you? Do you eat food in the morning? Do you eat food at home or do you eat food at work? Leave me a comment. Tell me about what you do in your family and your country. 

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