Learn English – a visit with a good friend

Last week I spent 2 days with a dear and special friend. Why are we such good friends? How are we similar? How are we different?  And what did we do during the 2 days?

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Episode 52 – I went to visit my friend 

Hey there. This is Maria from English without Fear. Today I want to tell you about my visit with my very good friend. So sit back, relax, listen and just try to understand as much as you can.

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Regina and I are very good friends. We have known each other for thirteen (13) years. How did we meet? Where did we meet? Why did we become such good friends?

Regina is a Latin teacher and I am a French teacher and we met at a school back in Virginia. She taught Latin and I taught French and we became good friends right away. 

Why did we become good friends?

We have lots in common, so that’s one reason we became good friends. The other reason is that we are both different and we admire, we like how each of us is different, what the other person’s interests are. 

First, let me tell you how Regina and I, how we are alike, how we are similar, what Regina and I have in common. Number one, we both love the color purple and you can tell from the photo. I happened to wear a purple top and she happened to have a purple jacket. Regina also writes a lot in purple.

What are other ways that we are similar? We both love languages, including English. We love to read and think deeply, deeply about what we’re reading. We both love to talk. We are morning people. Morning people are those who go to bed early and look forward to the morning. They feel energetic in the morning. Regina is a morning person and so am I. 

What else? We both love Jesus. Yes, and we both love to read the Bible. What else? 

We both have sons in the army and each of these sons spent time in Afghanistan. Finally, both our husbands, Regina’s husband and my husband, Mike, both of them were cadets at the Army’s military academy, America’s military academy called West Point.  But at different times.

Well, how are we different? What is Regina like that I’m not like and what am I like that Regina is not like? Number one:

Regina is a bit sarcastic. What does sarcastic mean? Sarcastic is when you use your humor with a funny tone of voice to make people laugh or sometimes even to prick them, to hurt them. Regina uses normal words but with a tone of voice. And she’s just funny. She’s sarcastic.

Do you know why Regina is sarcastic? She’s from New York and people from New York have the reputation. They have the tradition of being funny, humorous and sarcastic. 

I’m not from New York and I’m not sarcastic. I’m from Virginia and I’m pretty serious. But I like Regina’s sense of humor. 

How else are we different? Regina is an artist. She does beautiful hand-writing, called calligraphy, and she paints using watercolors. I’m not an artist and my handwriting is terrible. I like to cook and I like to hike.

How else are we different? Well, that’s easy. Regina loves big dogs. I love small cats.

One way that we are a bit different, but also a bit similar:  we each have grandchildren. Yes, we our grandmothers. Regina has three grandchildren and I have five grandchildren. But how we are different is that Regina lives near her grandchildren and I don’t live near my grandchildren. That’s sad. 

What did we do for our two-day visit and where did we meet? I, who live in Alabama, I drove three and a half hours to near Atlanta, to a hotel outside of Atlanta. And Regina drove three and a half hours from South Carolina to the hotel near Atlanta. So, we met up one afternoon this week. We spent the night together in the hotel. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the little town and we talked and talked and talked and talked. Yes, Regina and I love to talk.

We also shared about our families and what is new with them. We talked about books we are reading and what we are learning. And I shared with Regina a little bit about cooking and she shared with me a little bit about watercolor and calligraphy. We also prayed together and discussed what we are learning in the Bible.

This is the third time that Regina and I have met together since we both left Virginia. Yes, one time she came to our house in North Carolina, but now two times we have driven halfway between us and met for a night in a hotel. It’s a lot of fun. I really love my friend Regina and I hope that this time next year we will come back again together at the same hotel, eat dinner at that same wonderful restaurant and share, God willing.

So what about you? Do you have a friend who lives far away but you see, you visit the friend? Tell me about your friend. Leave me a message, a comment below this video.

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Well, that’s it for this episode. This is Maria from English without Fear. Talk to you next time.

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