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Not only are we helping people learn English, we are fellow sojourners on earth.  Because of this, we either influence our ‘neighbors’ for their good for for their harm.  Generosity is a virtue that can be taught, but it is best ‘caught’.  The story of this one mother might prompt you or a student to be kind today.

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T – 42 – Back to School Generosity – 13 August 2019

Hey there. This is Maria, from English without Fear. Well, it’s back to school and families often have to buy new shoes for their children. Why? Because their feet have grown since the end of the last school year. Listen and watch today what one mother, one mom, did when she took her kids to the shoe store. You’ll learn how generous and kind this mother was.

(Intro: English without fear where you can learn to speak English naturally, listening to stories.)

Yes, this is a story about a generous and kind mom. What is generous? Generous is when you want to help someone. You want to give something to someone because they have a problem. And you have a soft heart. You see their need, their problem, and you want to help. You want to be generous, to give them help. What does generosity, or being generous, what does generosity look like? 

You can be generous (or giving with your things), you can give your things to people who need help. You can be generous with your time. You can give minutes, hours, or days of your time to help someone. And you can be generous or giving with your money. There are many ways of being generous.

And the story today is about a generous and kind mother, a mom named Carrie, Carrie Jernigan. Carrie and her family live in Arkansas. Arkansas is in the middle of the United States. And three months ago in May, Carrie and her children went to the shoe store to buy shoes because her children’s feet had gotten larger. One of her daughters, named Alma, asked her mom this question, “Mom, can we buy some new Avengers shoes for my friend? She doesn’t have enough money to get some new shoes.”

Her mother, Carrie, who was a generous mom, said, “Of course, we can buy your friends some shoes. Go pick out what she needs and what she would like.”

Then, Carrie got an interesting idea in her head. She went up to the cashier, the lady or man who takes your money in a store, and she said to the cashier, “I have a question for you. I know that this store, this shop is going out of business soon and you are trying to sell all your shoes, right?”

And the cashier said, “Yes, we are selling all our shoes at a good price, for a lower price.”

Carrie then asked the question, “How much would it cost me to buy all the shoes in the store?”

Well, the cashier had never heard of such a question. She said, “I don’t know. Let me call my manager and talk to him.”

So, she called her manager and the manager called Carrie and asked Carrie, “Is this true? You want to buy all the shoes in the store?” 

Carrie said, “Yes, I do. There are lots of people in our community who need shoes.”

The manager thought and told her how much it would cost. Carey Jernigan  bought all the shoes. How many pairs of shoes did she buy? She bought 1500 (fifteen hundred) pairs of shoes. That’s right. One thousand, five hundred pairs of shoes.! I don’t know how she got all those shoes back to her house and I don’t know where she put 1500 pairs of shoes. Probably she put them in the garage. What I do know is that since May, since this generous mom bought all the shoes in the store, she has been giving them away to mostly children who are poor, who need new shoes. Carrie Jernigan is a generous and kind mom. 

The thing that makes Carrie very happy is that her children have learned about generosity. Her children have learned how to be generous, too. If you ask her children this question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Her children now say: “I want to be generous and kind just like mom.”

That’s a great story. What about you? When have you been generous? When have you given of your time or your things? When have you given your money to help somebody? Leave me a comment below this video.

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