Newsletter – Tips, Thoughts and Resources – 18 June 2019

Tips, Thoughts and Resources – 18 June 2019

Hey there, fellow English language coaches, teachers, tutors and ‘language parents’!

I’ve been working on my current L2 learning, Spanish, dedicating as many hours as I can to listening to podcasts, reading and watching Youtube videos.  It’s a slow process. If you saw my last video in the series for all you ESL teachers, I shared that I have only had about 400 hours of CI, of ‘comprehensible input’, in the past 12 months.  

I understand a WHOLE lot more now and that encourages me.  But my ability to speak is messy, halting and slow. Just what you’d expect for such a low number of hours of input.

As much as I believe in the efficacy and sufficiency of the ‘pure listening to understand’ process, I find that I am TRYING to analyze what to say and how things work. Definitely NOT the way little children learn their first language.  Maybe in the next L2 I tackle, one in which I know absolutely nothing and can acquire like Jeff Brown did, I’ll discipline myself to the one method that is known to work ALL the time.

Who is Jeff Brown?  A fellow L2 teacher of English recently sent me the link to Professor Brown’s talk about how to pick up a language naturally.  He shares exactly what he did to acquire Arabic in a year. The video is an hour long. I watched it over 3 days, during my free time. Worth EVERY minute.  I gained a couple of tips that I have already implemented in my own one-on-one tutoring. Wow!

Here’s his video:

Jeff Brown – an hour – excellent –

And then I found a website that contains thought-provoking posts and videos, about how adults can pick up a language just as easily as children.

The tagline is The blog about comprehensible input and advancing research and opportunities for effortless language learning to very high levels of ability at every age”   

If you come across resources that will inform and encourage us all, please send them, along with your comments too, to:

And, if you haven’t already, bookmark my website to access all my videos and newsletters.  From there, once you click on a video, you can subscribe to the Youtube channel as well.  My goal these days is to upload a ‘how to help the teachers’ video as well as a content video for ELLs. (English language learners).

My most recent two videos focus on an American painting, ‘American Gothic’ by Grant Wood. One video describes what we notice in the video and the second one spins an imagined ‘back story’ about the two people featured.  I chose to work from the same piece of art to show you how easy it is to plan a lesson that is comprehensible and repetitive and interesting.

Video 1 – Describe what you see

Video 2 – the back story

Happy coaching AND learning.



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